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Water Quotes from Chinese Teachings

Jim Lauria

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Recent LinkedIn posts have highlighted the tensions building up between India and China over Chinese control of the water supply flowing out of Tibet. Will Sarni posted the South China Morning Post headline “India and China gear up for a new battle, this time over water”, and Stuart Shapiro provided a link to a Byline Times article “War Over Water: The New Flashpoint in the India-China Stand-Off”.

In my 2016 post Water and the Art of War: Is China Gaining a Stranglehold on the World Water Supply?, I reported that since the 1962 war between India and China—arguably a war over water—10,000 square kilometers of Tibetan ice are under Indian control and three times more are under Chinese control.

Comedy Disguised as Wisdom, Wisdom Disguised as Comedy

Jim Lauria

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Adam Tank’s recent LinkedIn articles about the value of an online writing course and the training to make better presentations really inspired me. So I decided to post about the unique coaching I have received over the last number of years from Steve Bhaerman, professional comedian and humor coach, who some people have called a modern day Mark Twain.

When It Comes to Water, It's 50/50 That Hindsight Is 20/20

Jim Lauria

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Back in October 2018, when I started looking to the past to gather wisdom from what people have said about water through the ages, I figured when it comes to water, it’s 50/50 that hindsight is 20/20. So I needed a large sample size. I started collecting quotes from all sorts of people—scientists and screenwriters, poets and philosophers and politicians and pop singers—hoping to provide insight into water and the issues around it. (For more details on my journey, see last year’s World Water Day post.) Some of those quotes can even help us peek into the future.

Dangerous Waters in a Changing World

Jim Lauria

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Americans and Canadians got a peek into the future when the City of Toledo shut its drinking water taps in 2014, issuing a do-not-drink order on the municipal water supplies serving 500,000 people. Levels of microcystin, a potent liver toxin produced by blue-green algae, were more than double the World Health Organization's safe limit. More than 700 square miles of the Lake Erie surface was covered by a harmful algal bloom (HAB), and drinking water plants couldn't remove the algal cells and the toxins they produced.

That's awful. What's worse is that Toledo's experience is likely to become more common worldwide in the years to come. From the current red tides along the southwest Florida coast to massive blooms that have become common from the Baltic to the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea, HABs occur frequently.

And I Quote "To Know Water is To Love Water"​

Jim Lauria

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It all started with Mark Twain. Or someone who actually wasn't Mark Twain after all.

I wanted to post one of my favorite quotes about water — "Whiskey's for drinking, water's for fighting over" — on LinkedIn as a little conversation starter. But as I dug around trying to verify the source, I realized that Mark Twain didn't say what they said he least when it came to whiskey and water. In fact, nobody's quite sure who actually said it.

Women and Water, Part 2

Jim Lauria

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In my last column, I referred to “men of a certain age,” zeroing in on the readers most likely to be fascinated in the ‘70s and ‘80s with both old monster movies and young Brooke Shields. But in no way do I believe water is a male problem (or a female one, at that). Water is an issue that unites us all.

A couple of colleagues who read my “Black Lagoon or Blue Lagoon?” column asked why I’d addressed only men in my lead sentence. In the spirit of fairness, I’m bringing back part of a Huffington Post column I wrote back in 2011 specifically to honor the connection between women and water.


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