How to Get Your Money Back From Big Companies

Do you ever have complaints with big companies over poor products or services? If you do, this book is for you.


An experienced business executive gives you secrets on how to get your money back for botched customer service and defective products, starting with ten sure-fire tips to help you get what you deserve. He publishes the actual (sometimes hilarious) complaint letters he wrote that returned thousands of dollars to him over just the last five years from a satellite TV provider, a consumer products company, a hotel chain and two airlines. And as an added bonus, he includes a simple fill-in-the-blank template to help you easily write your own letters.

CEOs may learn a thing or two as well.

So even if you do not have good writing skills, by investing just $2.99 - less than a latte from a big company - this guide will improve your personal finances by allowing you to act as your own consumer advocate to recover your hard-earned money.

It's a quick, fun read, and I've already put its principles to work in a letter to an airline.
~ Steve Werblow
Practical, down-to-earth advice from a corporate insider in a format that made it easy for me to write my own letters.
~ Marilyn Christensen
If you think of yourself as David and big companies as Goliath, this book offers a practical strategy for making Goliath go lieth down -- and treating you like a valued customer.
~ Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda, author and humorist



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